Old English font old-english-regular.otf
For use in naming courts of appeals on the cover pages of briefs

General Utilities

IM++ files31.jar
The full IM++ distribution source and all
IM++ Account Creator acct31.jar
Create an IM++ account (Note: I haven't looked at this file in a long time)
My .vimrc File cduan.vim
This is my .vimrc file (it's actually a direct link to the one I use normally). There are several aspects of it that are specific to the Unix system I'm using, so it might cause a few errors if used directly. You might also want the color scheme file.
My Vim color scheme colorscheme.vim
This is the color scheme that I use (look up the :colorscheme command in Vim).
Terminal Services Pack
Contains useful networking programs like PuTTY and VNCViewer

Great Writings

A Theoretical Taxonomy and Analysis of Anti-Spam Technologies thesis.pdf
My Harvard senior thesis.
Analysis of Kant kant.pdf
Written for the Harvard course Moral Reasoning 22: Justice, this short paper outlines one of the premises of Kantian philosophy, in terms of mathematical set theory.
Comments to FDA on Nutella Serving Size comments-nutella.pdf
In which I argue that people eat a lot of Nutella.
Predicting Extreme Stock Returns More Accurately gov2001.pdf
A paper written for Government 2001 describing the use of neural networks to predict extreme stock returns.


Article modifications myarticle.sty
Make articles that look the way I like them (see the gov2001 paper). Requires some other packages from here.
Center pages centerpg.sty
Make full-page text, and/or optically center some text on a page.
Essay modifications myessay.sty
Make articles look like essays I turn in for classes.
Extra line space linespace.sty
Put a blank line of space between two paragraphs. But if the space ends up on a page break, it draws a horizontal line.
Obfuscate text randtext.sty
Place text (e.g., an e-mail address) on a page so it looks nice, but it can't be copied/pasted directly (so spammers can't harvest it).
Résumé document class resume.cls
Document class for my résumé. There are also instructions on how to use it.
Résumé document class (old) resume-old.cls
An older version of my résumé class.
Random commands mytools.sty
Various LaTeX macros that I've written (some of which are incomplete).
Round float heights roundflt.sty
When placing a one-column float on a two-column page, round the height of the float to the baseline distance, so that the text fits on the remaining page.
Slide format myslides.sty
Make slides from the seminar class look the way I like them.
String macros sortlist.sty
Sorting text.
String macros strings.sty
Low-level string processing macros, used in several packages.
Thesis modifications mythesis.sty
Make the report document class look like my thesis (more or less).


Claim-to-English Converter
A Perl script that converts patent claims to English
Neilson v. Harford neilson-v-harford.pdf
As reported in Webster's Patent Cases
Neilson v. Harford neilson-er.pdf
As reported in the English Reports, volume 151
Podlesak & Podlesak v. McInnerney podlesak.pdf
Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents and the D.C. Court of Appeals, as reported in the Patent Office Official Gazette


Résumé (PDF Format) resume.pdf
Generated using LaTeX and a custom document class (resume.cls, for download elsewhere on this page).
Résumé (old) resume-old.pdf
From 2006 or so.

UA Utilities

Command-Line UNIX unixcmd.pdf
Shorter Unix presentation (basics on Unix commands, printing, etc.)
Procmail Files (TGZ) procmail.tgz
All Procmail files
Procmail Files (ZIP)
All Procmail files
Procmail Presentation (Powerpoint) procmail.ppt
Powerpoint presentation on using Procmail
Procmail Presentation (tex) procmail.tex
LaTeX notes for Procmail presentation; PDF version is in procmail.tgz
UNIX Presentation (Powerpoint) unix.ppt
Powerpoint presentation on using UNIX, with slide annotations. Most of the information is for UNIX in general, but some is specific to the FAS Network.
UNIX Quick Reference commands.pdf
UNIX commands and tips.
Unix Dining Script
Displays the current HUDS dining menu


Crazy Starcraft Game crazy.rep
Just watch; it's funny
Freshman Seminars Application System freshsem.pdf
The documentation for the application program I wrote for the Freshman Seminars Program.
GLTerm glterm.tgz
GLTerm (for me to download)
Physics Formula Sheet physics.pdf
Formula sheet for Physics 15a (mechanics).
Tort Rhymes tort-rhymes.txt
Words that (might) rhyme with tort